FACE successfully implemented a two years Peace Building program via a project call Community Security Arm Control (CSAC) Project in Maridi State from 2015 to 2016 funded by United National Development Program (UNDP).We engaged School children in peace activities & International peace Activism in Juba 2015 in partnership with National Platform for Peace & Reconciliation (NPPR) & South Sudan Peace & Reconciliation (SSPRC).FACE conducted peace dialogue workshops in Maridi and realized the following changes in the community;

  1. Communities able to identify what connects them in one place with other ethnics tribes who are not natives of the area.
  2. Communities were able to know what divides them and what obviously causing local conflicts in their areas.
  3. Communities gain knowledge & skills in conflict resolution via peace dialogue
  4. Five (5) Payam Peace Committees comprised of 65 members were formed and now handling internal conflicts and resolving local conflicts in the community between cattle keepers & agricultural communities in Maridi.
  5. Sport for peace activities was initiated by FACE and able to bring 3,500 youth from various ethnic’s tribes together and plan seeds of peace among them.
  6. FACE uses radio talk shows at Maridi FM to disseminate messages of peace and peace agreement process.