Main Donor

FACE acknowledges her partnership with IntraHealth, Community Empowerment Progress Organization (CEPO), Organization for Non Violent and Development (ONAD), Grassroots Relief Development Agency (GREDA), Mundri Active Youth Association (MAYA), Trust Action youth Association (TAYA/ZOA) Relief Hope Recovery, Solidarity Organization for Women Association (SOWA), African Canadian Evangelical Mission (ACEM) and ERP Maridi South Sudan.

FACE on the other hand acknowledges mutual partnership with National Platform for Peace and Reconciliation (NPPR) in collaboration with South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission (SSPRC).

Current Donor

FACE in a special way would like to thank United Nation Development Program (UNDP), South Sudan Peace & Reconciliation Commission (SSPRC) and National Platform for Peace & Reconciliation (NPPR) for the financial support that has seen FACE successfully implement her activities in the last two years.

FACE does recognize UNDP South Sudan Program for the two years funding while implementing CSAC project in Maridi State-South Sudan. It also acknowledged UNDP for offering capacity building, not only in terms of financial support but also in technical advisory support.